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Korea DMZ Tour is one of the Seoul attractions in korea. DMZ tour is alway be listed on the things to do in Seoul. Visit Korea DMZ with Seoul DMZ Tour Seoul. The Korean Demilitarized Zone is a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula that serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea which runs along the 38th parallel north. The DMZ cuts the Korean Peninsula roughly in half, crossing the 38th parallel ....

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KOREA DMZ TOUR  is The Unique Tour of Korea

Known as the Demilitarized Zone (Korea DMZ), The Six kilometer line that extends across the Korean peninsula,  it’s an iconic reminder of the tragedy of war,  the separation of a people, and one of the saddest legacies of the Cold War.
Among the world’s most heavily militarized places, the DMZ’s uniqueness is why it’s also Korea’s most popular destination for foreign visitors.  The most popular DMZ attractions are located within 90 minutes from Seoul City. We will take you there. Korean DMZ Tour.
Unlike most wars, the Korean War never officially ended. But three years later, the war that killed millions of people was  just  paused by Armistice agreement that divided the Korea in half. Korea DMZ.  That 250 kilometer long border is buffered on either side by a four-kilometer-wide area called the Demilitarized Zone or Korea DMZ.  It remains among the world’s most heavily militarized borders, despite the name.


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Definitely a worthwhile and fascinating place to visit in Korea. Good place for a history lesson!  - Jason

The Korea DMZ line, barbed wire, military history, tunnel, and Bridge to Freedom are a must see for travelers.  - ISMADI

There is no other attraction in the world like the Seoul DMZ tour. It was an excellent way of seeing an "other world attraction. Highly recommend this trip to DMZ korea.  - Amy

This dmz tour was a great history lesson as well as a great cultural experience. korea dmz tour.   - Jameston

Korean DMZ tour was fascinating for me since I have always enjoyed military history.  Unforgettable experience.    - Randy


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